We don’t offer a service – we offer results!

Our aim is to create modern, innovative buildings and fully integrated business environments. Since we ourselves are constantly evolving, we place high value on contemporary architecture and functional, cutting-edge solutions that save on energy. We take a respectful approach to the environment around us, relying on our experience and cooperation to generate value for our properties. As seasoned developers of commercial real estate we boast a list of projects that includes more than 40,000 m2 of retail, office, warehouse and residential space.

Our services

Real Estate Development

We enjoy every moment of the work, from construction planning to finding the new owner and warranty service. Over the years, we have created various residental developments, commercial buildings, retail spaces and logistics- and industrial parks.

Real Estate Management

Since we are the creators and developers of commercial buildings and work with rental clients and their needs on daily bases, we truly believe in our ability to be one of the best real estate asset managers in Estonia.

Investing in Real Estate

For years, we have been providing our investors with opportunities to invest in the real estate sector with a view to earn stable and good returns. Relying on our long experience and engaging partners with professionals, we combine resources with knowledge for the best results.

Real Estate Sale and Rent

We have years of experience in real estate sales and rent management. Long-standing good relationships with business partners and determined honest actions are the key to guaranteeing customer satisfaction and delivering results that meet our expectations.


We are pioneers in the field of commercial real estate, offering our clients the best innovative solutions available.


We are constantly evolving and contribute to the sustainable development not only of city space, but also of the property market as a whole.


We don’t offer an ordinary service, but rather high-quality results and the greatest possible efficiency every time.