Real estate purchase, sales, and development.


We give it our all or nothing at all!

Real estate purchase and sales

As we know, the greatest deeds are those that bring good fortune to a large number of people. When one person sells real estate and another buys it, both parties are exceedingly happy, both emerging as winners. One of our principal regular activities is to arrange real estate sale activities. In performing tasks for our clients, we employ our longstanding working experience and excellent collaboration partner relations of many years. We exercise honesty and perseverance in our work. We give our best to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness, delivering results in line with expectations.

Real estate development

And the earth was without form, and void… and then God set about creating the world.
That is how we see real estate development – where there was nothing, something new and mighty is erected within a period of time as if by a wave of God’s finger. Real estate development is our principal area of activity. It is safe to say we enjoy every single minute of our work: from planning and arranging construction work to finding a new owner. We like leaving prints on earth that make us proud every time we look at them.

Financing and joint funding

Lucius Seneca said that money must be managed, not served.

A lot of people take an interest in investing in real estate. Oftentimes, operating alone, such aspirations are faltered by the lack of sufficient financial means, knowledge, and experience to see a project to its completion. It is from such moments that our collaboration model, based on principles of joint funding, emerged to be applied to our partners and friends. So as to achieve better capital productivity, we employ the assistance of a number of specialists in their field. The return on equity productivity of our projects has thus far exceeded investor and partner expectations alike.


Allan Kool

Management Board of the company

+372 551 5130


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Allan Kool

Higher education.

Active in the Estonian real estate sector since 2001.

Colleagues say:

Allan is enterprising, tactful, innovative, strongly connected to the social environment and other people. Allan is exceedingly loyal to his partners, and highly appreciates his partners returning the sentiment.

It is important to have a sense of power, yet not over people but over situations. Allan benefits from vast imagination that enables him to see new opportunities, initiative to launch new projects, and energy and enthusiasm to carry them out.

In a conflict, Allan communicates skillfully with other people, possessing qualities to relieve tension and conciliate opposing parties. He remains sapient and balanced. He enjoys being involved in discussions as well as persuading and motivating his colleagues. Allan can make proposals, and lead meetings and discussions with ease. He fosters respect for the opinion of others.

Allan believes that action should be taken from upon reasoned grounds, and proceeds from this principle in his own work. He respects facts. He keeps his promises – he is strongly bound by obligations taken onto himself, and he expects the same from the other party. “That which is not put into words, always carries the most weight“

Risto Abel

Head of Real Estate Development

+372 551 4990


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Risto Abel

Higher education

Ahti Silk

Head of Real Estate Sales

+372 5561 6332


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Ahti Silk

Kõrgharidus. Kinnisvaraalane täiendõpe.

Tegeleb Eesti kinnisvaraturul aastast 2003.

Kolleegid kirjutavad:

Hindame Ahti teadlikkust, sihikindlust ja meeldivat suhtlemisoskust kinnisvaratehingute läbiviimisel. Kinnisvaraturustamine ja kinnisvaraalane nõustamisteenus on olnud Ahti edukaks tööks juba üle tosina aasta, olles läbi viinud sadu edukaid kinnisvaratehinguid. Kogemusi, mis aja jooksul omandatud, kasutab ta oskuslikult uutes kinnisvaraalastes väljakutsetes, olles korrektne ja selge visiooniga, ning heale lõpptulemusele orienteeritud. Pälvinud klientidelt rohkelt kiitusi ja suurepärast tagasisidet.

Ahti esmane kogemus kinnisvaratehingute (sh. õiguslikus) vallas tuli töötades aastaid notaribüroodes konsultandina. Seejärel järgnes üle 10 aasta tööd tuntud kinnisvaraettevõttes nii elukondliku kui ärikinnisvara müügi valdkonnas, pälvides kolleegide poolt tunnustust ja olles tihtipeale nõuga abiks tekkinud takistuste lahendamisel.

Ahti püstitab alati endale kõrged eesmärgid hinnates seejuures eelkõige teekonda, kuidas eesmärgini jõutakse.

Oksana Ganža

Financial department

+372 5622 0348


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Oksana Ganža

Kaidi Türk

Administrative Manager

+372 5622 0395


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Kaidi Türk

Toomas Retsold

Real estate development

+372 51 70 813


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Toomas Retsold

Marco Pärtel

Real estate development

+372 569 817 65


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Marco Pärtel

Kirill Esaulenko

Real estate development

+372 530 848 58


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Kirill Esaulenko

Higher education.
Was active a as lawyer in Russia as from 2008; today stands ready to learn and
develop in the Estonian real estate sector.

Colleagues say:
Kirill is a friendly, attentive, and compassionate person. Light and positive in his communication, he may also be quite direct. He also possesses a sense of perspective. As a rule, Kirill takes and interest in books and languages. He is thorough, diligent, patient, and strong-willed in his work. He does not take impulsive action and is not frightened by intense situations.

Indrek Eha

Real Estate Sales

+372 502 8033


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Indrek Eha

Department of Kaliningrad

Elena Apatkina

Administrative manager



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Elena Apatkina

Artem Bolotov

Project manager



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Artem Bolotov

Zarina Virronen

Communication manager



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Zarina Virronen

Completed projects

Projects in progress

Priisle Business Park – stage 1

Priisle tee 10, Tallinn

Totals 15 spaces for rent, from 90 to 2 000 m2


Männiku Stock-Office

Männiku tee 104a

In March 2017, a new modern and multifunctional stock office type business building in South Tallinn at the address of Männiku 104A was completed. The building’s designed net space is nearly 2,500 square metres of outlet, office and storage premises under the same roof.


Energy efficient office, storage, and production building at Kiili Technology Center in Harju County, Kiili town

Kurna tee 14, Kiili

The development that commenced and was successfully completed in 2014 embraced a total of 6,000 square meters of storage, production, and office space.

Stock 50c

Järveotsa 50c, Tallinn

Visit website here


Office building in Tallinn, Lasnamäe city district

Punane tn 68

The building is leased to 30 tenants. Approx. 2,000 square meters of the building requires renovation.


Pärnu Market reconstruction

Suur-Sepa 18, Pärnu

Refurbished Pärnu Market is waiting for clients! New market building has open meat and fish section. Also there are supermarket and pharmacy and many other handcraft shops. 


Energy-efficient townhouses at Kristiine, Tallinn

Vuti 36, 38 ja Mooni 63

Energy efficient terraced houses in Tallinn, KristiineEnergy efficient terraced houses in Tallinn, Kristiine, Vuti 36, 38 and Mooni 63.

House with 9 apartments was completed in 2011 as one of the first really energy efficient building in Tallinn.

Second stage was completed in 2013.

Whole complex was awarded with Energy Efficient Home Award in 2013. Total living area of 1125m2.

Kostivere Lihatööstus OÜ (Kostivere Meat Industry Ltd.) building complex with fittings in Harju County, Kostivere town

Jõelähtme tee 4, Kostivere

Kostivere Lihatööstus OÜ (Kostivere Meat Industry Ltd.) building complex with fittings in Harju County, Kostivere town, Jõelähtme tee 4. Construction of a new building, including investments in industrial technology, amounted to 1.5 million euros. The meat industry building complex stretches across 1,000 square meters. Construction work was completed in 2014. The nominal production capacity of the meat processing industry is up to 1,000 tons of pork or beef per year.


Office and service building in the City of Pärnu

Tallinna mnt 93B, Pärnu

Office and service building in the City of Pärnu, Tallinna mnt. 93B. The building accommodates a total of 1,300 square meters of office and service facilities which are leased to various automotive companies. The building requires renovation.

Projects in progress

Completed projects

Kadaka 4 office building is new and modern office building on the border between Kristiine and Mustamäe.

Kadaka 4, Tallinn

Office building has 4900 m2 of multifunctional areas which can be designed for your company. It’s possible to accommodate your office and sales areas under one roof.
Building will be completed in May 2018. Multifunctional areas are available from 115 m2 to 2400 m2.


Priisle Business Park – stage 2

Priisle tee 16, Tallinn

Priisle Business Park is a new development project of a logistics and production center in Tallinn, Lasnamäe urban district.


Manta House

Vabaduse pst 174b, Tallinn 10917

Office building, located Vabaduse pst 174b, Tallinn 10917.
Floor area over 2000m2.


Kadaka 133

Kadaka tee 133, Tallinn

4663 square meters of commercial space.


Housing area at Kose, Harjumaa

38th kilometer of Tallinn - Tartu highway

Development project located near the Tallinn-Tartu highway.

Office building project in Tallinn, Nõmme city district center

Valdeku tn 8a, Tallinn

Office building project in Tallinn, Nõmme city district center, Valdeku 8a. Detailed plan pending.Detailed plan is prepared and the building is designed by architectural bureau Guru Projekt. Construction is planned to commence in 2016.

Apartment building in Tallinn’s city center

Adamsoni 30a, Tallinn

Apartment building in Tallinn’s city center, Adamsoni 30a. A small apartment building with four apartments right next the Old Town. Construction is planned to commence in the spring of 2015, and estimated to be complete at the end of 2015.


Holmogorovka (Kaliningrad)


Modern residential area is built by Hammerhead OOO Russia, Kaliningrad, Generala Leitinanta Ozerova 17b.New project is constructed in picturesque suburb area. Residential area has 30 acers of surface. First complex is built in summer 2018 second quarter and it will end in 2018. Whole project is divided into several stages. Project description:* 64000 m2 of living space (67 terraced house, 1296 apartments, 37 private houses).* 2600 residents* Kindergarten for (120 children)* Business center (spa, beauty salons, grocery store and everything else that residents need) total 20 000 – 25 000 m2* Houses and apartments are designed in similar architectural style but every apartment is special and has its own personality. Residential area can be described with green lifestyle, safety and comfort. All houses are equipped with fiber optic cables, gas, electricity, sewerage. Residential area includes streetlights and asphalt roads for cars and pedestrians. Residental area Holmogorovka ja located next to Kaliningrad city (2km) and it is conveniently connected to main roads to have easy access to city. Whole complex has 4,2km of pedestrian roads and 6,8 bicycle roads. Residential complex is designed to european level of standards that includes convenient and secure road infrastructure. Everything is designed that residents including mothers with their children can move around safely. Playgrounds and sporting areas are designed for safety and for easy access. There are areas for people who like to be active and like sports. 

Gallery and cafe building in Tallinn, Pirita city district

Randvere tee 27 ja Võsa tee 4/6, Tallinn

Development of a gallery building with four apartments and a cafe building is in its design stages. Detailed plan pending. Construction is planned to commence in 2016.

Märjamaa Treff Logistics and Industrial Park in Rapla County

Tallinn - Pärnu - Ikla maantee 65 km-l

The technology park that expands across a total of 13 hectares includes two filling stations and numerous other storage and production buildings with a total 70,000 m² building footprint, as well as a rest area for highway travelers, incl. a trailer park and truck stop with all of the required ancillary services.


Storage facility complex in Tallinn, Lasnamäe city district

Betooni 32, Tallinn

Storage facility complex in Tallinn, Lasnamäe city dictrict,
Betooni 32.
10,000 square meters of production land is currently being developed, onto which approx. 10,000 m² of storage and office space on two stories will be built for various storage and logistics companies.
The first floor accommodates heated storage facilities that adhere to all relevant standards and include numerous transport cranes; the second floor holds self-storage facilities, in line with the European mini storage concept, for the city’s residents.
The storage facilities are equipped with freight elevators, electronic CCTV security system, and contemporary ventilation and heating solutions that enable storage of commodities and material of any type.



Law firm






Construction and real estate development


Traffic audit, inspection and design


Notary’s office


Storage and logistics services


Transport and logistics

Bellvory Management



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